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The other night, I was having a phone conversation with my mother, catching her up on everything that had been going on with me this week. I got to a part in the story where I made a mention of

Impregnating your mother-in-law. -

I’m Pregnant … and So Is My Daughter. they were all very excited about a new baby brother or sister. My heart melted when Morgan later sent me a text saying, “You know, mom, I am really

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my sister and i want to fuck mommy
hello everyone. i have many questions about this i have 7 years merry and i havent be available to have my baby, i had 4 miscarriages , it takes like about 2 years for me to get pregnant and when i finally get pregnant i lose the baby at 5 to 7 weeks, the doctor said there is not an explanation for it. my husband has a daughter of 9 years old of a previous relation but i want my own baby.

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