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Directed by Josh Reed. With Stephanie King, Lindsay Farris, Max Brown, Anthony Taufa. In early 2018, an email was sent to a select group of journalists and politicians in Australia, containing a link to thousands of hours of secretly filmed footage documenting day to day life in an ice dealers house in South Sydney. The footage was refined down to this story of the ice dealer, Anton Berger
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Australia has a number of highly venomous spiders, including the Sydney Funnel-web, its relatives in the family Hexathelidae, and the Redback Spider, whose bites can be extremely painful and have historically been linked with deaths in medical records. Most Australian spiders do not have venom that is considered to be dangerously toxic. No deaths caused by spider bites in Australia have been
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In fact Australian spiders are statistically so un-dangerous that there hasn’t been a death from a spider bite since 1981. That’s puts them on a par with, er, wombats! So, now you are in possession of the facts and realise there is nothing at all to be scared of allow me to introduce you to ten of Australia’s not so deadly spiders. 10.
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